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  • Moriel Missions Southern Africa

    Moriel Missions is the home of the 'Mount of Olives' project, Ebyown Childrens Village and Moriel Missions School. We welcome you to our website.
  • Mount of Olives

    'Mount of Olives' is frequently mentioned in the New Testament as the route from Jerusalem to Bethany and the place where Jesus stood when he wept over Jerusalem. Jesus is said to have spent time on the mount, teaching and prophesying to his disciples, including the Olivet discourse, returning after each day to rest, and also coming there on the night of His betrayal. Read more.
  • Ebyown Childrens Home

    The name of this ministry is derived from a Hebrew word that describes someone who is so desperate and in need that the only way up is if someone reaches down and grabs a hand and lifts them up. Our saviour did this with every believer, entering time and space to rescue us from our sin. Our inspiration comes from: A Father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows, Is God in His Holy habitation. God makes a home for the lonely. Read more about God's Calling to the project.
  • Online Bible School

    Moriel Missions School is a distance learning bible school focused on providing sound theological material for students who do not have the time to study full time at a residential bible college due to full time employment or a family that must be supported. Distance learning provides the student with flexibility in study hours and is also cost effective while still delivering a quality theological education. Click here to visit the website.
  • Biblical Resources

    This website also provides a resource of useful online tools, bible and other biblical study resources for believers seeking to study God's Word in more depth. This section is devided into Resources for Believers and Resources for Ministers. There is also a list of Recommended Churches that are associated with Moriel Missions.
  • Online Sermon Catalogue

    The Sermons Catalogue provides video, audio and text sermons from a variety of sound bible teachers across the world.

Get Involved - Become a Co-Worker

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The Daniel Project

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Latest Website Updates & News

  • Newsletter-logoLatest News Report

    The latest newsletter has been posted on the website. Click here to read the newsletter and get more information on what is happening at Ebyown Childrens Village and the Mount of Olives.
  • sermons onlineOnline Sermon Catalogue Launched

    We have launched our new online sermon catalogue. Here you will be able to find a host of sound biblcal sermons from various friends of Moriel Missions. The sermons are available in audio, video and text format where available. Click here to view the online sermon catalogue.

  • foundations of faithHow can the church come to maturity when the basic doctrines that were taught by the apostles and not understood by so many Christians today? This 9-part teaching series explores the six basic doctrines taught by the early church fathers as presented in Hebrews 6:1-2. Click here to listen to the audio series

The Daniel Project - What's It About?

  • Bible Prophecy is a collection of writings that claim to predict not only the path of modern human history, but also the signs of its eventual destruction. The Daniel Project puts these prophecies under a journalistic microscope, discovering that many appear to have already come to pass. Writings by the prophet Daniel claim to predict - with uncanny accuracy - the Big Brother surveillance society, climate change, terrorism, and the rise of conflict within the Middle East.  Read more  


Global Vision TV Channel

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    Today we live in an age of accelerating technology & knowledge, but one thing remains constant... mankind continues, to cheat, rob, destroy, kill, rape and to control the lives of his fellow man. We live in a world of information overload, a time when people do not know what to believe given the devices used by the media, governments, global corporations and other organisations.

    Citizens are concerned, afraid, unsure of what the future may hold...
  • There are those who claim there are answers to the uncertainties that face us every day, they are intelligent men and women with a powerful message, yet they are given little - if any - room in the media to explain. Often they are misquoted or rejected by the narrow minded - and are frequently ridiculed in the media without reason. This Internet Channel has been created to enable these learned people to share their message and their findings with you.

    Why? We think you have the right to have this information to help you make an informed decision about the world in which we live - and perhaps to bring reason and common sense into a world that has lost its way.

    Click here to visit the website.

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